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Available for:

Traumatic Brain Injury
Acquired Brain Injury (Stroke, Parkinson’s, MS, Progressive Aphasia, Dementias, other)
Pre-School aged Children
School-aged Children
Voice and stuttering difficulties
Hearing Impairment


About Speech Therapy at Dingman Health & Communication Services

Valerie working with an Aphasic client

Valerie is a licensed Speech Therapist, also called a Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) who lives and works in the Muskoka and Almaguin areas. She has over 25 years of experience providing speech language pathology services in varied settings, with a great range of experience with children’s and adult communication, voice and stuttering difficulties.

Dingman Health also retains the services of a Communicative Disorders Assistant (CDA) who works under the speech therapist's direction. There is also an additional Speech Therapist employed for both adult and children's services when demand is high.

Traumatic or acquired brain injury clients are a major focus and part of the caseload at Dingman Health and Communication Services. Cognitive communication, voice, speech and swallowing assessments are available and intervention in any or all of those areas is specifically tailored to the needs of the client. Working with technological aids such as smart phones and tablets to assist Traumatic Brain injury (and other clients) with memory challenges and other functional applications is a major focus of many interventions.

For working with Traumatic Brain injury adults, post university education has included obtaining 2 levels of certification in Cognitive Communication assessment and intervention. Additionally Valerie has extensive experience and training in the areas of adult voice,speech,language,and also with eating and swallowing issues.

The speech therapist and CDA both have many years of experience working with children of all ages. Valerie is skilled at assessing and treating both school-aged and pre-school children’s language, speech and learning disabilities. The area of reading remediation was added over the last several years in response to a growing demand and need for phonetically based reading instruction, with all programs specifically designed for each individual student.

Valerie has trained and been certified in various areas of children's communication challenges, including in treatment of motor-based (physical) and hearing-related articulation (=speech) disorders. Certifications include: PROMPT technique training to provide kinesthetic feedback for forming speech sounds (for severe and/or hearing related speech disabilities)and level II training in the Talk Tools Motor Speech program. Valerie has also attended post university training in children's sensory and eating challenges.

Various certifications from the Hanen Centre for Caregiver Training courses were also obtained. These courses are for SLPs to provide training to parents and child workers in early language development and facilitation. Valerie has created and run numerous workshops throughout the region in early childhood language, fluency and grammar development as well as for speech acquisition. She has also taught speech and language related courses at the College level in the Simcoe area.